IOL 2023

About Bulgaria


Bulgaria is a country in Southeast Europe and the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. With its territory of just below 111,000 square kilometres, Bulgaria is the 16th largest country on the continent. Regarding population, Bulgarian ranks 21st among the European countries with a population of 6.5 million people. One-fifth of these people are settled in the capital city of Sofia. Other major cities with economic and cultural impact on the country are Plovdiv, Varna, and Burgas. And the places with major impact on the international linguistics are Borovets, Sunny Beach, Blagoevgrad, and now Bansko.

Our Nature

Although relatively small in territory, Bulgaria is one of the richest in nature and biological diversity in Europe. It comprises expansive plains, towering mountain ranges, meandering rivers and fascinating seaside. The highest peak in the Balkans (Musala, 2,925 m) is located in the Rila mountains, where the gems of our IOL excursions are hidden. Other notable mountain ranges are the magnificent Pirin, the magical Rhodopes – known as the home of Orpheus, and the Balkan Mountains, which cross the country from west to east. Bulgaria has a dense river network including the river Danube which forms most of the national border with Romania. And last but not least, far, far to the east, is the Black Sea – the most popular summer holiday destination for both Bulgarian and foreign tourists.