IOL 2023

20th Anniversary International Linguistics Olympiad

Under the Patronage of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Mr. Rumen Radev

The 20th Anniversary International Linguisitcs Olympiad is officially over!

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Bulgaria will host the 20th Anniversary International Linguistics Olympiad

Bulgaria is a country in the southern-eastern part of Europe.

Its territory is 110 000 km2, and the population – slightly above 6 million people.

One of the most important things Bulgaria has done with IOL is founding it, the first Olympiad being held in Borovetz in 2003…


The town of Bansko will host our event
Bansko is a small town in the Pirin mountains. Situated at an elevation of 1200 m, it is famous both as a ski resort in the winter and as a cool place during the hot summer days.

Bansko has an old part with traditional houses, breathtaking mountain views and one problem – once you visit it, you always want to come back…

The dates of the event are from 21 (or 23) to 29 July 2023
You will see a lot of mountains and visit some really magical places. You will have to solve the problems in both contests and, surely, make many new friends. We will offer you three excursions – one included in the program, one semi-included and one as a separate event. You will not go to the sea in any of them, it’s too far according to Bulgarian standards – 250 km…
And yes, we have a sea…
By the way, this is from the place we are doing our IOL preparation camp. But it’s too far… Read more ABOUT THE SUMMER IN BULGARIA.
Stay tuned for more updates and details about IOL 2023.
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